Visio Divina • Oil and Laying on of the Hands

Aaron and his four sons are ordained as priests

Artist Unknown

“And you shall take the anointing oil, and pour it on his head and anoint him. Then you shall bring his sons, and put coats on them, and you shall gird them with girdles and bind caps on them; and the priesthood shall be theirs by a perpetual statute. Thus you shall ordain Aaron and his sons.” – Exodus 29:7-9

Aaron is not a perfect priest: the brother of Moses does serve the Israelites well on some occasions; but at other times, he fails spectacularly. God knew that Aaron would fail but chose him not because of his good qualities, or because of his failures, but because God’s widsom is above earthly wisdom. God chose Aaron to make sacrifices for the people; an imperfect priest for an imperfect people. But He chose him. Consider how God has chosen you – imperfect as you are, you are still God’s choice.


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